D4  4800 Air

D4 4800 Air

D4 4800 Air Profoto_D4_4800air.png Profoto_D4_4800air.pngProfoto_D4_4800air_angel.pngProfoto_D4_4800air_side.png The D4 Air is a versatile workhorse, crafted to produce large quantities of high-quality images at an extremely high rate with no variations in power output and color temperature. It does not offer the extremely short flash durations the Pro generators do, but compensates for this by

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    • Capable of producing very large quantities of images at an extremely high rate.
    • Very stable light output and color temperature guarantees absolutely consistent results, shot after shot after shot.
    • Four independent outputs, controlled by four individual knobs, allow for both small and large setups with a single generator.
    • Wide 8 f-stop power range with precise control in 0.1 f-stop steps.
    • Unique features such as sequence, delay and interval settings make tricky lighting setups simple.
    • Wireless sync and control with the Air system.